In short about us

Our History

Online-corp was borne out of CEO Sany Asrat’s vision for quality and effective online education. Sany first coined this mantra as a way to emphasize the online-corp focus on the achievement of its customers. And a significant contributor to success for online-corp users is staying current and bringing new technologies to their own customers.

The Technology Certifications online-corp IT training concept was introduced in July, 2010. This value-add for online-corp customers was created with the recognition that technology service providers needed an easy way to offer their technicians training for IT industry certifications. The goal was to offer a solution with training available from one place, at reasonable and easy-to-understand prices.

Our Evolution

Over time, the site has evolved. Today, the second generation of online-corp represents an even more powerful tool for technology workers. Site navigation has been made much more intuitive, searches are easier to perform than ever, and the library of video-based courses grows daily. So while Technology Certifications has changed and improved greatly since its inception, the basic foundation and rationale for it remains just as strong today. We succeed only when our customers succeed. Technology Certifications delivers the kind of training technology service providers need in order to stay ahead of the competition.